The Juice Box

Big Flavor.Small Size.

The 1G disposable vape with industry-leading flavor.

What’s Your Fav?

Cherry Gelato

Sweet, bright, and creamy; can it get any better?! This flavor’s bright cherry notes are infused with a citrusy pineapple and topped off with a unique, earthy pine. Always a winner to enjoy on the go, it might be worth the investment to purchase an extra one to share…pretty please with a cherry on top?

Orange Push Pop

Creamy, dreamy magic. This flavor features a tasty orange flavor paired with a delicious hint of vanilla. Much like a real creamsicle, this strain is super chill, making it a great strain for an all-day smoke session.

Strawberry Lemon Haze

Every day is summer when you take one hit of this citrusy, satisfying strain. Characterized by a sweet, tart, and earthy aroma that emulates the taste of real lemons, Strawberry Lemon Haze features a unique, sugary lemonade finish that is almost as refreshing as its effects.

Banana Kush

It’s the disposable with a-peel! OK, we promise this flavor is better than that pun. With a banana taste and smell that feels like you stuck your head right in the bushel, Banana Kush is perfect for any fan of the tropical tree fruit variety.

Pineapple Express

While the name might conjure mental images of the misadventures of James Franco and Seth Rogan, it is in fact based on the real Pineapple Express strain. Chock full of bright citrus notes interlaced with pineapple, mango, and whiffs of earthy pine, Pineapple Express is the perfect crowd pleaser and a woes easer.

Watermelon Sugar

We know what you are thinking and the answer is yes – this flavor is just as sugary and refreshing as it sounds. This fruity, summer favorite provides major pool party vibes – tropical daiquiris anyone? This may or may not be what Harry Styles was really singing about when he said “Watermelon Sugar High”…

Blueberry Dream

It was all a dream…or at least it was all a Blueberry Dream. This strain is bursting full of sweet, fresh blueberry-y goodness, almost reminiscent of a ripe fruit tea. Perfect for smoking anywhere, anytime – this strain is high without being overly buzzy.

UW Purps

Show your collegiate pride by indulging in this regional legend. With a flavorful mix of grape, tropical fruits and a little spice, UW Purps is a delectable addition to any day…and the perfect sneaky date to any tailgating event.

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